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nfl week 12

Posted on: November 21, 2008 3:18 am

so i know im a little late to start this both in terms of missing the first 11 weeks nd in terms of missing the first game. but people have been on me to do this already so here we go

@ browns -3 Texans: ill take houston against the spread. and i say they take advantage of a bad cleveland d nd win the game

Bills -3 @ Chiefs: i think buffalo gets back on track nd shuts down the kc offense nd scores a blowout

@ titans -5.5 Jets: this game is gna come down to how well brett farve does. i do not think he will have a running game to lean on he will have to make plays. that said this is brett farve nd not a rookie qb like Joe Flacco he can make plays. however will/how many mistakes will the titan pass rush force. i say they cause one mayb 2 ints. collins comes back to earth as the Titans control the ball with their running game. i think they win by a td so im taking tenessee to cover

@ fins -1 hoodies: the hoodies er i mean the pats srry bout the typos have almost never lost back to back games since 04 i believe the number is something like 16-1 after losses. that said this is not ur classic patriot team. no harison no brady no maroney no thomas and no troy brown to play every position during the game to bail them out. the first time these teams met was in foxboro nd the Dolphins ran their wildcat offense to prefection. now they play in miami with both teams having something to play for. since its a 1 point spread im basically picking a winner unless they tie. (yes they can do that donovan). i like the dolphins to win at home finally playing for something at this point of the season.

@ Cowboys -10 niners: no way this is right. i mean did someone do too much weed when they made this? ne way its there. niners r bad but not that bad. cowboys on paper r good but not that good. right? well put it in perspective to cover the cowboys could win by even a 14-3 score. i thik the cowboys will cover. but im interested to c just how good they do.

bucs -8.5 @ Lions: so this is the week the lions will win right? wrong the o-for continues as the lions eye the first overall pick in the draft nd the chance to take mike crabtree comes nearer. the bucs will win nd will cover. some ppl r sayin they dont have the offense to cover but its only 8.5 pts. ne team in the top 10 of the bcs could cover this one.

@ Ravens -1 igglez: the ravens were embarrased by my Giants last week on national tv which was a gr8 experience for me. earth wind nd fire ran all over the place on these guys. wat does that mean in terms of this week for the ravens? who ever plays them is gna face one pissed defense that needs to reassert itself. so imagine my happiness when i looked at this weeks schedual and look who has to go to baltimore? the Eagles. im tellin u someone upstairs is watchin out for big blue fans. i take the ravens to cover

da Bears -8.5 @ Rams: for a little while it was lookin like the rams were gna b playin spoiler the rest of the season but they went back to their losing ways. the rams can put up alotta points if ur not prepared but that wont b a problom for da bears. who knows mayb this week we will c Trent Green. ill take the bears to cover

@ Jaguars -2 Vikings: tough game to pick becuz no one rly knows where either team is at. however i feel like the vikings r just not playing well while the jags r playing right at wat i thought they would. im not sold on garrard nd i think they shoulda kept leftwhich also trading stroud was foolish too. im going to take a desperate vikings team against the spread.

@ Falcons -1 Panthers: another tough game cuz both these teams r very good. the falcons have been gr8 at home nd wouldve won last week if that catch in the end zone wouldve been made. carolinas tough but i think they r a little over confident. ill take falcons to cover

@ broncs -9.5 Raiders: a yawner the raiders cant stop anyone so forget about them against a highpowered bronco passing game. Broncos cover

skins -3.5 @ Seahawks: seattle is bad but its a tough place to play in which is y the spread is only 3.5 i think that the seahawks find a way at home to beat the spread.

gmen -3 @ cards: a dangerous game for the defending champs but i think that they will run all over arizona and put enough pressure on warner that he doesnt put up his graham harrell like numbers this week. i pick giants to cover

@ Chargers -3 Colts: ahh yes finally lts comin out party look for him to have a huge game nd for the chargers to win but they will not cover the spread against peyton nd the colts. thats right colts against the spread

@ Saints -2.5 Packers: Drew Brees is a monster but i dont think the d is good enough to stop the packers. the packers will make a few stops on d nd win the game. so the pick is packers against the spread.

so to recap the picks:
houston against
buffalo covers
titans cover
dolphins cover
cowboys cover
bucs cover
ravens cover
bears cover
vikings against the spread
falcons cover
broncos cover
seattle against the spread
giants cover
indy against the spread
packers against the spread

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